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January 11, 2019     Towkir Ahmed Bappy    


With the constant change in Google’s potentially amazing algorithms and the wonders SEO can bring in ranking your desktop and mobile website on the top, there is no way any marketer, website developers and designers, and the businessmen would stay aloof of the latest SEO trends and techniques. Every e-commerce enjoys the boost in the sales and purchases by keeping up with the search engine optimization rules which are in turn linked to the latest technology of the twenty-first century and the audience at hand. Thus, with the New Year around the corner, every online store owner is eager to find new ways and latest SEO trends that will put their e-commerce stores on the run.web development company in Pakistan is gaining momentum to boost the output of their SEO effort and here are the productive ways it is trying out.

⦁ Voice search, voice search everywhere

revolthemes The trend of voice search is now something without which you cannot compete in the world of business. The advent and popularityof the use of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana shows us that people are now dependant on voice/ help assistants present on their phones, cars and home appliances. This is why they now prefer to search for their desired products, location, or an answer to a question on the web via voice search. A study by Google shows that 55% of the teens and 41% of adults use the technique of voice search several times each day. The e-commerce store owners can reap benefit from this and are now advised to mold their website’s content in such a way that it solves the query of the potential customer. One tip would be to integrate trigger words like how, best, what in the content along with avoiding flat feeding in keywords. This is so because Google tells that 70% of the voice searches are made in the natural language.

⦁ Website security is on top for good SEO

free_html_template Do you want to finish strong this year and ensure your productivity in the next one as a reliable online store? Well, providing a safe and reliable website to the users is one of the key ways to do so. The online businesses ask for the customer’s personal information like banking details to follow through the checkout process. The customers, in this situation, prefer putting their faith in websites which are secure. Thus, make sure your online business website is secure and enjoys the privilege of being an HTTPS with a green secure signal in the address bar. Also, a secure website is ranked high above in the list by Google. Such websites are rewarded with better visibility along with improved SEO.

⦁ UX and site performancerevolthemes_onlinebusiness

Alan LaFrance, marketing strategy manager for LawnStarter, an e-commerce-powered service company says, “We’re working towards greatly improving all aspects of the user journey. The first step was reducing page load speeds across the site by optimizing image file sizing, types, and resolution. This improved conversion rate, mobile organic rankings, and customer happiness.” The search engine optimization supports the websites with good user experience and fast page loading speed. Many customers close the website if it is taking too long to load. Many brands find themselves in competition over the web page loading speed. Thus, the online business should know that SEO is affected by the website performance and the UX it provides. And for a good e-commerce business website, it is considered beneficial to invest in fast-loading progressive web apps and AMPs.

⦁ Investing in Microformats appeals SEO

revolthemes_seo We keep on wondering how we can improve the SEO while wehave the answers right in front of us in the simple things at hand. The website and its entire development is the key to win Google with potential search engine optimization techniques. The microformatting helps in making the website easy to read. One thing that the online business should know is how to use microformatting to its benefit. It is all about adding the right tags and labels to the content present on your website. You can do this by adding a rich featured snippet which greatly impresses Google’s SERP display. This feature highly comes in handy for a business website with ratings and high hours of operation.

Rank your website higher by knowing SEO!

The rich competition of the business brands and their marketing and website development techniques puts every business owner under the stress of making the most of their efforts by increasing the sales output. For this, it is immensely important that the online businesses understand SEO well and implement the latest trends/ techniques (as mentioned above) in their online stores.

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