Using Social Media to Boost Your Business

December 3, 2018     Towkir Ahmed Bappy    

Using Social Media to Boost Your Business

In the world where marketing is reaching its climax and each day new and more innovative ways to promote a product and market a brand are being introduced; social media is doing its exceptionally best to be one of the main sources of boosting the business. Practically everyone is on social media. Either people are using Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger, or they are sharing their life activities on SnapChat, LinkedIn and other popular social Media. Around 82% of the small business owners are using these platforms to promote their businesses nationwide.

Here is how you can use it to boost your business:

⦁ Create brand awareness via social accounts

 social media

Many marketers believe in multichannel advertisement and social media marketing of the brand. This is a great source to create exquisite brand awareness among the populace provided that you put equal time and effort on each social media channel. Creating brand awareness means you have to develop your account and keep it up to date for the viewers. This is done by adding useful contents, amazing videos, informative updates, colorful brand images/ logos, keeping in touch with the customers, following them and making them follow you, as well as by following the social media SEO guidelines. The different web development services help you boost your social media presence among the billions of active users present on the social networks.

⦁ Offer premium class, relevant content to the viewers


The social media is such a place where people look forward to getting answers to their questions. Thus, you need to focus on the quality, relevance, and loyalty of the content. Giving updates about the new product, announcing sales/ discount news, and sharing any other content; everything must be reliable.

The variety of content includes artificial intelligence inspired content for targeted consumers, visual content like videos, infographics, visually appealing images, and informative written content. The word of mouth is believed as the most effective form of marketing by 64% of the marketing executives and so influencer marketing runs well on the social media.

⦁ Use advanced targeting to manage high yield of leads

Another way social media helps to boost the business is by helping you go on the run of advanced targeting and by increasing the leads and conversions you make through the platform. The social media examiner’s 2017 social media marketing industry report suggests that greater than 65% of the small business aim to increase the leads via social media. The artificial intelligence and machine learning applications help in mimicking the pattern of consumers that make the actual purchase and then directs the social media services towards attracting such group of customers.

⦁ Communicate and delegate with the customer


By using social media the business team can fluently and round the clock communicate with the customers, answer their queries and turn them into potential customers. The key lies in actively listening to the customer and supporting him while in need. The social media helps in building a relationship of trust and loyalty between the two. As you actively share about the business brand with the viewers on the platform, the more up to date they stay with the latest news.

⦁ Enhance ranking in the search engine

Do you know what contributes to having a very positive effect on the search rankings? The social media accounts and the number of website’s links shared on the platform. The more the share rate on the social media, the more is the domain authority of your website. This leads to an improved ranking of the page in the search engine.
There are the top five reasons and ways that ensure the promotion of the business brand using social media platforms. Investing in the right social media marketing practices can help you win a solid place for your small/middle and large size business industry in the global market.

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